Backlit Film offers amazing vibrancy and colours to your products and services that you would like to promote. When used internally you can capture your customers attention to highlight a specific product or service and create a real buzz within the shop. If you are situated on a busy road Backlit Film will gain the attention of passers by thus increasing prominence and effectiveness.

Backlit Film is a specialty product that is made of 145 mic Polyester and has a matte finish that produces high quality images with rich density. The film is suitable for backlit and unlit viewing.

Where quality matters.

Should you require backlit hardware we recommend Vitrine Media Australia. With dual illumination their displays are the brightest and slimmest that we could find. The remarkable technology uses very little power consumption  and also allows you to daisy chain panels together making it the easiest and smartest solution. To find out more about Vitrine Media Australia please click here.